About Us

By day, Amber kicks ass for the working class doing political work in San Francisco and can be found after hours brewing beer, making cheese and dreaming up her next scheme to get out of town on the cheap.  She is obsessed with learning how to make anything from screenprinted posters to her own cornflakes and is a self appointed fermentation queen.  In the WPP household you are likely to find cases of homebrew, a cheese making press, fermenting jars of vinegar and kombucha, yeast starters, craft supplies and scraps from sewing projects gone wrong.

Her love affair with travel began at 18 when she took her first trip alone across Europe and she’s continued to explore Africa, Asia, South and Central America on a shoestring budget.  Her favorite travel partner is her shiny, new husband and it helps that he’s always willing to play an impromptu show on a beach in Thailand, sing karaoke in Costa Rica or invite locals over for a jam session in Buenos Aires.  Together they aim to take the road less traveled, even if that road is riddled with potholes, washed out bridges and chickens unwilling to cross the road.

Roem is a songwriter and singer who spends his day shilling tacos and jotting down song ideas and his nights singing his heart out at local music venues in San Francisco.  He loves typography, writing songs and drinking/eating whatever creation Amber is whipping up in the kitchen.  An avid SF Giants fan (World Champs!), soccer fan and urban cyclist, he loves getting active out in the city (especially if the end destination involves beer.)  He founded an open mic for songwriters and musicians of the Bay Area and just released his first album, “The Thief” on iTunes.

Traveling has always been a passion since touring England and Africa with a singing group at age 16, and now is the happy pack mule for all Baur Family Adventures.

Roem and Amber live in an apartment in San Francisco, straddling the Western Addition and Hayes Valley with their little dog Sadie aka Mighty Mouth.


One response to “About Us

  1. Ken J.

    Really enjoyed your honeymoon blog. Me and my fiance are planning our honeymoon following our wedding next April. Belize had been on my radar because it still contained some of those “off the beaten path” attributes that I care for. Was looking for a lil insight to how you rate your trip overall. How much the trip cost in total? I know you planned your itinerary based on the flight deal you got, but minus the airfare, would you have included Cancun in your trip? Guatemala? Spent more time in the Cayes? Less time? More time in inland Belize? Less time? Our honeymoon budget is similarly budget-minded so maybe airfare in the end will dictate our itinerary. Any helpful tips would be welcomed since I’m hardly the savvy traveler, merely happened upon your blog when doing a budget Belize honeymoon search. Please send any of your tips to my email at kjuarez626@hotmail.com
    Thanks, Ken

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