President Obama Joins the Fraternity

President Obama has given those of us that love craft beer across America a virtual fist pump with his first homebrew experiment in the White House.  After a long history of dominance by corporations that brew tasteless, yellow fizz, America can finally rejoice as she comes full circle in her beer history.  Just like our ancestors before us, we are learning to enjoy beer as a simple pleasure that came be made inside our modest abodes.

As we consumers wade our way through the murky waters of America’s Beer Wars, we can only hope that this is the beginning of a market shift.  I may be a beer snob, but I am also a patriot of my country (no that doesn’t mean I drink Sam Adams) and want the best for my fellow Americans.  As microbreweries continue to muscle their way into the corporate landscape of beer, we are beginning to see the kind of choices in the beer aisle that are worth of the red, white and blue.

President Obama brings the competition up a notch by brewing ale with his own honey and even considers growing his own hops.  The love I have for this brazen confidence is unparalleled and I will also be starting my first homegrown crop of hops in my parent’s backyard.  The President has inspired me to work for change and volunteer in my community, in addition to increasing my production of fermented beverages.

My home may be a little different than the esteemed White House but all homebrewers knows the challenge of working with limited space.  Whether you are relegated to the garage because your wife doesn’t like the mess of beer brewing or you sparge in a kitchen >40 square feet, we are one and the same.

I’ll let you in on a secret, brewing beer is not hard.  Sure most homebrewers put on airs that is difficult and scientific, but we all have a story about how the cellphone fell in the secondary and everything turned out fine.  So don’t be intimidated my friends.  You don’t have to be the President to make a decent grain and hop tea.  Look for a WPP Guide to Brewing that will haze you into the great wide world of homebrew and your life will never be the same.

Until then, thank you Mr. president for making me believe in my country again.

Check out the official blog on the White House Ale here.


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