Simplicity Now.

Happy New Year!

I always love January 1st because it has that back to school nostalgia I’ve seriously been missing these last few years. Pressing that giant RESET button has always appealed to me, giving me a second (more like third, fourth, fifth…but who’s counting?) chance to refocus and attempt to achieve those goals I’ve been slacking on.  My own resolutions tend to be small steps towards bigger life goals that I use as my internal barometer for success.  In the interest of self disclosure here are a few of mine.

1.  Simplify – The topic that I keep coming back to in my reading and conversations is leading a more simple life.  I want to do more with less and only have things in my life that give me pleasure.  I know it sounds a little esoteric but I use this goal to make all kinds of decisions in my life and it’s very practical.  Before buying something new I think hard whether I can repurpose something I already have or buy it used.  I want to take this ideology to the next level and create true balance in the rest of my life.  This  might include going on a digital diet and cutting our electronics for a day or two and just taking a break or truly winnowing my possessions down to 100 items.  I’m not sure where this path will lead me but I feel compelled to follow it.

2.  Health – For me, living a healthy lifestyle is more than just falling within the prescribed weight limits or working out 4 times a week.  In 2011, I want to be more proactive about my health and be a caretaker of my body.  I already eat relatively healthy but this year I am determined to keep trying to limit packaged foods and make my own products when possible.  This past year, I’ve made yogurt, cheese, beer and jam but I’ve yet to attempt my own cornflakes.   Be on the lookout for blog posts about these related (mis)adventures.

3.  Finances – I have always had difficulty  coming to grips with my finances until I realized  how empowering it is to be in control of your money.  Now that I’ve turned 30 and finally feel like a real grown up it’s time to start planning retirement.  And by planning I mean upping my contributions and really understanding my retirement goals.  I also want to really foster those people around me with their own financial goals and maybe start an investment club or find inexpensive ways to enjoy time together.

So those are a few things I will be working on this year.  I think the theme here is to simplify and increase awareness in all aspects of my life.  I want to connect with friends and family, truly giving them the attention they deserve.  I want to be more patient, kind and loving with my husband and create a life with him that’s free of constant distraction and cluttered possessions.

Oh and I really want chickens.  I’m determined to build a chicken crib from my own design and convince my parents to house them.

Here’s to 2011!  May this be your best year yet.




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2 responses to “Simplicity Now.

  1. Roem

    Good thing I read our blog and didn’t try eating those little flakes with salsa.

  2. April

    Agree, sis! I look forward to trying more of your homemade goods and to joining your finances club. I, however, am not holding my breath for the chickens. I think it may be hard to break dad on that one.

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